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Where To Find The Best Beard Oil Samples

beard oil samples

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There are so many beard oil products on the market. When you browse through them all, you probably don’t know which ones to choose for your face. Beard oil companies understand the confusion that many consumers might experience with the plethora of choices. That is why they sell or give away beard oil samples at much lower prices than their full-size products.

Beard oil samples are frequently sold in smaller 0.25 oz. bottles with droppers connected to the lids. The samples are commonly offered in assortment packages where you get anywhere from 3 to 20 sample bottles of different types of beard oils for one low price. This gives you a chance to try out different beard oil products and see which ones you like. If you find a product that you like the most, you can purchase the full-size version.

Some beard oil companies, such as Artius Man, give away free samples of their beard oil products. With Artius Man you can get 2 samples per household, and you can choose which blends you want to try out. Not every company will do this, so you should search for the companies that offer the best combo of samples for you to explore.

Next, let’s explore the best places for you to find some of these samples.

The Top 5 Places To Find The Best Beard Oil Samples

1. Amazon

Everything is found on Amazon, so why not beard oil samples too? The unique thing about Amazon is that several different companies sell their samples and products through that platform. This means you have hundreds of samples to choose from.

In addition, you get to see the customer reviews and star ratings left for various beard oil samples. You can filter the search results so that only 4 to 5-star product listings are shown. This makes it so easy to find the best beard oil samples that are sold on Amazon’s platform.

Here is a great example of a beard oil trial kit by Badass Beard Care, a veteran-owned company out of California. This set even includes trial sizes of their premium beard balms too. Alternatively, you can check out their single size sample kit here.

2. Artius Man

As previously stated, Artius Man offers 2 free beard oil samples per household, all you’ll pay is a flat rate shipping fee (depending on location). You’ll just love their beard oil products because they contain the perfect blend of all the right ingredients. Some of their oil combinations include spruce and sage, sandalwood, black licorice, pine, cedarwood, spearmint, patchouli, wintergreen, tobacco, spruce, peppermint, eucalyptus, citrus, and more.

They don’t use any fragrance oils or cheap additives or chemicals. All of the ingredients sourced by Artius Man are high-quality, 100% natural.

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best beard oil samples

3. eBay

eBay might not be the first place you think of when looking for beard oil samples. However, you can find some very good deals by searching for them on eBay. Some of the sellers are individuals who have never used their sample products and want to get rid of them. Other sellers may be businesses that sell their beard oil trial sets in bulk. Either way, often you can find a much better deal on the samples than you can find directly from the retailer.

And, once again, eBay lets you view the feedback of the sellers. You can see if the sellers have a long track record of satisfying other people who’ve purchased their beard oil products.

4. STAG Beard

STAG Beard is part of The STAG Brand. They specialize in manufacturing, distributing and selling premium beard care and shaving products. STAG gives new customers the chance to try out up to 3 free samples. All you need to pay is the cost of shipping.

The ingredients found in their samples include vitamins E, D and A, baobab, argan and coconut oil, and others. STAG Beard uses only, all-natural carrier and essential oils, is infused with Biotin and vitamins D and E, which provide additional nutrients for both your beard and the underlying skin.

We recently tried some of their tobacco leaf and amber spice-scented oils which truly wowed us. At the time of this writing, they offer 12 different scents you can choose from. Other than that, you should find some great oils matching your own taste.

5. Etsy

It is very easy to find a huge variety of beard oil samples on Etsy in one fell swoop. You simply type the search phrase into Etsy’s search bar and ‘voila’, all available sample offers are displayed for you to browse through and ultimately to choose from. Some of them are artfully crafted and handmade.

Wrapping Up Beard Oil Samples

The internet makes it easier than ever to find the best beard oil samples. You can have companies ship these samples to your doorstep no matter where you are located in the world. Amazon, eBay, and Etsy definitely offer you the most choices, but you can always take advantage of the free samples offered by some of the top grooming brands such as STAG Beard and Artius Man.

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