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What Black Men Should Know About Softening Their Beards

What Black Men Should Know About Softening Their Beards

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Getting the perfect beard when you’re a black man isn’t always easy. Your beard is usually extremely curly, wiry, and dry. And worse yet, it can be really patchy too.

That’s not to say it can’t be made to look good – it most definitely can. But it takes work. To pull off a good looking beard as a black man takes regular and consistent grooming. We may not have our beard grooming as easy as our white counterparts, but when done right we can look like a million dollars.

But it’s not just about appearance. Which brings us onto our next section.

Why Would You Want A Softer Beard?

Let’s be honest, having a softer beard is about being more kissable. Am I right? Being able to have someone wanting to kiss you, and being able to kiss someone without them complaining about your super uncomfortable facial hair with it’s unpleasant coarseness that comes from being so damn dry.

And it’s not just about being more intimate with your partner, or date. It’s about kissing your kids goodnight after their story time too.

But the good news is that you can be more comfortable to kiss (and cuddle) without having to shave off your beard. With just a couple of tools and products and a good grooming routine, you can achieve a great beard that’s nice and soft and makes people happy to kiss you.

Not only will no-one be recoiling from your kiss and affection, but you can also enjoy your own beard more. The softer texture you’ll achieve makes it far less itchy, so you won’t have to keep scratching it anymore.

And better yet as soon as you get started on your beard softening routine, your beard becomes far softer and moldable which in turn makes it easier to brush and/or comb.

Starting Out with Your Beard

Growing out your facial hair to form a nice beard not only helps you look good but can also help those who suffer from ingrown hairs as well. But you’re not really going to see how it’s going to look and feel until you start growing it.

Our recommendation is that you let your facial hair grow for at least 4 weeks, maybe 6, before you decide on what sort of style you want to go for. This way you can see what areas are patchy or what areas are seeing thicker growth, and then you can picture how a specific style is going to look. And whether you can carry it off.

To keep your beard hair as soft as possible, regular daily grooming is a must. But how much time you spend treating it is ultimately down to you. You can pick a routine that just takes a few minutes per day, or you can go all out and try every trick under the sun.

Trying as many techniques as you can may be a good way to start, because it can help you to see what works best for your particular beard and what doesn’t.

One of the factors that affect what routine you should follow is your skin type.  

What Black Men Should Know About Softening Their Beards

If you have rather dry skin, you may benefit from regular facials. This is because when you have a facial, as part of the procedure, the skin gets exfoliated, which prevents ingrown hairs. The facial will also keep your skin better hydrated, which is an important element in keeping your beard healthy. The good news is that you don’t have to drag yourself to a beautician to have it done, it’s something you can do yourself at home.

It may surprise you to find out just how many factors can affect your beard health. For example studies have shown that regular exercise, good quality sleep, and eating protein rich foods and taking B vitamins can all help improve your facial hair. But at the risk of repeating ourselves, how much effort you put into softening your beard is down to you.

What Do I Need in My Beard Kit to Soften My Beard?

First and foremost you should always wash your beard every day.  (Even if you weren’t trying to soften it you should do this.)  We recommend that to wash your beard you should use a dedicated beard soap or beard shampoo.

As to whether to go for a soap or a shampoo, they’re pretty much the same to be honest. Not only do they both clean your beard, but they will also soften it a little. And to top it off, they also help to exfoliate the skin and prevent beard itch.

It’s important to note at this point that sometimes, if there are harsh chemicals in your beard soap or shampoo, it can actually strip your beard and skin of its natural moisture. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you only look at 100% natural products.

Then the next step in softening your beard is to use a beard oil or balm to condition your beard. You apply this when your beard is still damp, having had the soap/shampoo washed out. You should then brush or comb this product through your beard and mustache. You don’t have to worry about washing this product out, because it’s typically designed to be left in.

Again, it’s important to choose products that may contain harsh chemicals that could potentially make your beard more dry and coarse.

Although beard oils are hugely popular, a beard balm may prove to be the better option of the two, when it comes to making your beard softer. This is because the waxier ingredients that you find in beard balms act as sealants, which will physically hold the moisture in place to keep your beard and skin hydrated for a much longer period of time. A beard balm also provides more hold and helps to make the beard appear thicker.

It’s worth noting at this point that an excellent beard/balm ingredient for black men is pure argan oil. Or unrefined jojoba oil for that matter.

So, if you don’t have them already, here’s a list of everything you might want to think about getting for your beard softening kit:

  • All natural beard soap or shampoo
  • All natural beard balm or oil (sometimes marketed as beard conditioner)
  • A beard brush
  • A beard or mustache comb

Can These Products Help Promote Beard Growth At All?

When it comes to products that claim to miraculously promote beard growth, our advice is to be wary of them.  Sure they can have properties that can help grow your beard, but you’re not going to find anything that will give you overnight results.

Thankfully however, many beard oils and balms contain ingredients that can stimulate facial hair growth. Which can be a god send if your beard is a little too patchy. But there’s a catch.  If your skin is unhealthy or isn’t adequately hydrated, it can actually have an adverse effect.

As with softening your beard, there are plenty of things you can do to promote the growth of your facial hair.  Several vitamins can help, specifically A, B, C, and E, so if you could include those in your diet or take them as supplements, that would be a good help.  Eat plenty of protein too, as this contains the amino acids that can help build your hair.  Keep your skin clean, that helps encourage growth. Avoid smoking (or better yet give up altogether if you’re a regular smoker). And most importantly, keep yourself hydrated and drink plenty of water every day.

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What About Black-Owned Beard Products?

As a black man, you may be interested to learn about beard products that are not only meant for black men’s beards, but are also owned by black people who know exactly what they’re dealing with. To that end, if you scroll down a little you’ll find some info (and a link) about the Scotch Porter beard product brand.

Some of Our Favorite Beard Products


Scotch Porter - All Natural Men's Beard Balm - 6 oz.

Scotch Porter has a great selection of beard products - and all without any harsh chemicals to speak of.  

Founded by Calvin Quallis, Scotch Porter launched at a time when men’s grooming wasn’t so mainstream. Now, the brand has earned its place in the market as an affordable line of 'handmade in the USA', better-for-you grooming products. Their beard care collection provides solutions to the real issues men face daily.

Scotch Porter's beard balm works like a dream and smells really masculine and fresh, with notes of sandalwood and musk.  

As a balm, not only does it moisturize and soften but it also de-frizzes it, helps to style it and gives it a nice shine too.


Viking Revolution Beard Balm with Sandalwood Scent and Argan & Jojoba Oils- Styles, Strengthens & Softens Beards & Mustaches - Leave in Conditioner Wax for Men (1 Pack)

This is another all natural beard balm with checking out.  It has those argan and jojoba oils that we talked about earlier that are particularly good for helping to soften black men’s beards. 

It also strengthens your facial hair at the same time.  And all without feeling greasy.


By now you should see a clear way forward for softening your beard.  And we’ve only scratched the surface about what beard softening products you can use.  You’ll have a softer beard in no time!

I’m Jonathan Harris, the guy behind Beard Whiz. What started out as an interest has turned into a full-on passion for gutsy beard enthusiasts. I'm excited to share more rad tips on how to grow and maintain your beard. Life is more than awesome with a beard!

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