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Simple Beard Wash and Grooming: 4 Tips To Get To Your Perfect Beard

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Have you always been left in awe each time you saw that perfect beard of someone and, are wishing you had one too? Here are a few tips for you to have an amazing beard yourself. First and foremost, you must know that it’s a tad more challenging to maintain a beard than to make one grow. The regular use of a beard wash and proper grooming are highly effective and beneficial, even if all you want is a natural look. Undoubtedly, there are a few beard styles that are more demanding to maintain, but some steps apply to most beards. Here are 4 key steps for getting to that awesome beard of yours:

1. Ensure You Beard Wash Daily

The importance of hygiene cannot be overemphasized in your daily beard care. This prevents your facial hair from itching as a result of bacteria which can cause skin irritation. For maximum beard wash benefits, special shampoos will be ideal, even though regular shampoos will also work.

With a shower or with water from the sink, get your beard wet. Afterward, get a copious amount of beard wash or shampoo if you are heavily bearded or a little quantity if you have just a stubble. With a full massage, apply the shampoo to your beard, massage it in, and spread it across your entire facial hair, then rinse gently but thoroughly.

2. Have a Good Shave

For a good appearance and maintenance, most styles require a good shave right after your beard wash. Shaving should be done before applying any other grooming products such as beard oil or balm or both. This will help reduce razor burn and the possibility of ingrown facial hairs.

Your frequency of shaving depends largely on the type of style you want. You may only need to maintain your sideburns and potentially the cheek and neckline if you are going for a full beard. Daily shaving may be necessary if you desire a Balbo. In the long run, however, this will be determined by your preferences.

3. Apply Oil to Your Beard

A vital part of a solid beard care practice is the application of a quality beard oil. It is usually a vitamin E, coconut, or argan-based oil that you apply to your beard hairs daily. Beard oil is super effective in keeping your beard glossy. It is also beneficial to prevent the risk of ingrown hair.
For the application of beard oil, you can use a spray applicator for some oils, while others involve pouring the oil into your hands and then applying it to your facial hair. Beard oils are a leave-in grooming product and don’t require any rinsing, just like a beard balm.

4. Use Beard Balm Regularly

Butters such as shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, and argan or jojoba oil are the mix that forms the classic beard balm. The wax component in the balm protects the beard hair and skin. And, your facial hair is being softened and moisturized by the oil and shea butter. For those who want a softer, fuller beard, or who have a beard itch, the beard balm is the panacea.

For a proper application of the balm, rub it in your hands until it becomes smooth and almost liquid. Then, massage it wholly into all of your beard and skin. Just leave it that way without rinsing – it works like a leave-in moisturizer. For a smooth, silky, and attractive beard, apply regularly.

Wrapping Up

Hence, to sum up, proper maintenance of your beard makes you look attractive and irresistible. The right products applied to your beard as part of your daily self-care morning/ evening routine will always make the beard appear neat, clean, lovely looking and, ultimately showing off that perfect beard completing your masculine look.

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