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Locating the Best Beard Barber Shop Near Me: A Step-by-Step Guide

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If you’re the sort of person who spends vast chunks of the year away from home, the time will eventually come when you NEED a barbershop. Badly.

But when you’re abroad in some distant land, you can’t exactly pop back to your usual guy and get a quick trim. No – you have to think on your feet!

Holiday-makers, busy businessmen, and wandering nomads; listen up! The following step-by-step guide helps you locate the best beard barber shop near you right now, whether you’re on or off the road, or traveling for work or pleasure.

best beard barbershops

Step 1: Fire Up Google Maps

Your first job should be to locate the best beard barber shops in your immediate vicinity. You need a guy who will trim your beard to perfection so that you can look your best, no matter what you’re doing.

The ideal way to locate a barbershop near your current location is to fire up Google Maps. Because of Google My Business and the need to rank in search results, practically every barber uses Maps. Nobody would dare skip listing themselves. The platform is just too popular to ignore.

Google Maps comes pre-installed on practically all mobile devices. If you don’t have it yet for some reason, you can download it from the Apple Store or Play Store.

Step 2: Type Your Search Query Into The Box

The next step is to type your search query into the box. Include the name of the service that you want and your current location. For instance, if you’re visiting New York City, any of the following search queries will suffice:

  • Beard barber NYC
  • Barber’s shop New York
  • Beard Barber Shop NY City
  • Beard trimming New York City
  • Beard trim NYC
  • Men’s Barbers NYC

You get the picture. Moreover, you can add ‘best’ in front of your search string and/ or narrow-in your query by replacing the location with ‘near me’ at the end (Example: ‘Best beard barber near me’).

Once you type your query, Google Maps will return a map with pins representing the locations of the barbershops closest to you. It’s then up to you to click the pins and explore all your options. It’ll look something like this:

beard barber shops near me NYC

Step 3: Check Out The Review Scores

Alongside location tags, Google Maps provides detailed information on each barbershop in the local area. You can find the address, telephone number, and whether it is open or closed.

You’ll also get all-important reviews.

Click on a barbershop that interests you. Maps will open up a side-bar where you can view the company bio and read real reviews from paying customers. You’ll see an average star-rating at the top and a star-rating summary (detailing how many people rated it five, four, three, two and one star). Below that, you will find the individual reviews themselves.

Google also now provides auto-generated keyword tabs that aggregate reviews by theme. For instance, if you’re interested in finding a professional barber service near you, click the “professional” tab to see all reviews that refer to professionalism.

Step 4: Check What Reviewers Find Valuable About The Service

Barber Shops all approach their work differently. Some are informal and want to make their clients feel super relaxed. Others offer a professional, business-like service.

For this reason, you’ll want to skim the reviews to see what type of service the barber offers. Customers will provide essential details, such as whether the shop serves drinks and what the atmosphere is like inside. Try to read between the lines to determine whether you will fit in if you visit the shop. Not all barbershops are the same.

After that, spend some time reading replies from the barber owner. Some shops are very active and will always engage with their clients’ comments, both good and bad.

Step 5: Check The Opening Times

You might have found what seems like the perfect barbershop near your location, but if it’s not open, it’s no use.

Google provides opening time information about barbershops from the app, either gleaning it from the barber’s website or displaying information the shop gives it directly. Many barbershops in NYC open late into the evening because of the city’s non-stop work culture, but that might not be the case in other locations.

Also, be sure to check Google-provided data on visibility. Usually, it lets you view a chart that shows the busiest times of day, allowing you to avoid them and go when it’s quiet.

Step 6: Visit The Barber’s Website

Once you’ve done that, you need to check out the barber’s website. Even if it is highly rated and close by, it might not offer all the services you want.

Some shops provide basic beard trims. They’re cheap and cheerful – great for those on a budget. Others offer fancy skin treatments, haircuts, and a whole host of services that fall in between.

Make sure that the barber you choose has everything you need. You want to avoid having to go to a second shop to finish the job.

How To Finally Decide On A Barber

beard barbershops near me

Your facial hair is precious to you, so choosing a beard barber shop can feel like a high-stakes decision. Eventually, though, you’ll need to make up your mind.

Choose the barbershop near you that …

  • Is within striking distance of your current location
  • Has great online reviews
  • Offers the sort of atmosphere that you enjoy
  • Provides grooming services that you need

If a barbershop fulfills all those criteria, it is probably good enough, even if it doesn’t feel as safe as your regular.

How To Prepare To Visit A Beard Barber Shop

barber shop beard trim

Ideally, you should grow out your beard before you go to the barbershop. Like any artist, they need plenty of raw material with which to work their magic. If your facial hair is already looking pretty trim, they won’t be able to make a huge difference, and you’ll limit your styling options.

Also, before you go, choose a style you really want. Just leaving it to the discretion of the barber is probably a bad idea. Their idea of a great beard may differ substantially from yours.

Wrapping Up

We’d all like to achieve bearded perfection, even while traveling. Following this simple guide will help you find a pro who will do justice to your manly scruff.

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