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How to Grow a Chris Hemsworth Beard Style

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Chris Hemsworth has gained himself many fans, not only through his spectacular acting and brilliant portrayal of Thor in the Avengers movies but also for his fantastic beard styles.

He has built up a bit of a beardy fan-base of men who want to know his secrets to achieve those perfect beard styles he rocks- what guy doesn’t want to flaunt facial hair like Thor. 

There are plenty of Chris Hemsworth beard styles to choose from, let's have a look at some of his best styles, and how to achieve them, and don’t forget beard maintenance! 

Achieving The Beard Of A God

It’s time to take a look at how you can achieve this fantastic style of beard, while it might not give you the power to wield Mjolnir, but it will make you look and feel great! 

  • The first step to achieving this superior level of beard is to grow your beard to the right length. Chris Hemsworth’s signature beard is short, only has he rarely grown it our more than an inch or two.

    So if you want to achieve this style of beard you want to grow it out so that it is short but full. If you struggle to get a full beard at this shortness, you can grow it out more and then trim it down once it is fuller.

    If you can grow a beard that is full and short, then a week’s worth of growth should be enough for you. 
  • Make sure that your beard has filled in any bald patches with a nice growth of facial hair.

    Most people hate getting a patchy beard so sometimes a bit of overgrowth, followed by a trim can give you what you need for the Chris Hemsworth level of fullness.

    It may take longer for some to grow out their beard hair long enough to get rid of any patchiness, but it is achievable and you can easily trim it if it takes a lot to cover those patchy areas. 

  • As you begin trimming, you will want to use a great quality trimmer, and, best to keep it on number 1 as well for this style.

    We recommend starting from the sideburns and working your way downwards. This will give you a nice and stylish trim. This is the step that will give you the Chris Hemsworth beard style, so make sure you have a decent set of trimmers and that you take your time.

    If you have had to grow your beard out longer to get rid of patchiness you may find that it needs a bit more of a trim.  Don’t forget to wash your face too and check that you have trimmed adequately.
  • For this signature cut, you may want to keep the facial hair at the chin and jaw be just a bit longer than the rest, so you will need to be a little lighter with the trimming here.
  • Don’t forget to use a sharp and clean razor to trim around the beard line, getting rid of any stragglers you don’t want. 

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How to Grow a Chris Hemsworth Beard Style

Care Tips

Growing and styling your beard are not the only things you should do to get and keep your Chris Hemsworth style beard.

Keeping your beard healthy and full is key if you want to maintain the look, so you have to care for your beard much like you care for your hair, skin, or teeth. Here are some good tips:

1. Shampooing

The first thing that you should take into consideration is shampooing your beard regularly. A daily beard wash routine can help keep your beard looking natural and healthy.

Maintaining beard health is a great way to encourage healthy growth so that once your beard has grown you can trim accordingly and style correctly.

Beard Shampoo & Face Wash: Every Man Jack Beard + Face Wash - Shea Butter and Cremo Mint Blend Beard and Face Wash

2. Combing

After washing your beard it is very important to comb it. Many people may miss this as they do not think that their beard needs combing.

However, combing your beard can stop it from looking rough and unnatural. It is best to do this after washing so that you can get your beard to grow better. 

Fine Tooth Comb: Fine Tooth Beard Comb Kit for Men

Beard Comb & Brush Set: Viking Revolution Dual Action Pear Wood Comb w/Travel Pouch

Combing your beard will also give you an insight into how your beard is growing, it can properly arrange the beard in sequence as well and help with the growth. 

3. Oiling

Oiling your beard is also a good practice.

Usually, many people will use ordinary oil for their beards, however, it is best to use oils made  for beard growth.

Beard Oil: Honest Amish - Classic Beard Oil

Beard Growth Oil/ Serum: Beard Growth Serum with Biotin & Caffeine

If you use oil and your beard isn’t growing then you may be using the wrong oils or ordinary oils. You want to use a proper beard growth oil to adequately stimulate growth. 

Chris Hemsworth’s Many Beards

The Stubble

If you like the Hemsworth look but are not sure if you want to go full beard yet, you can try out getting this stubbly look.

It’ll certainly grab lots of attention. 

Short'n Rough

This is a fantastic style to go for and is easy enough to do.

It can be harder if you suffer from rather patchy facial hair but is still achievable.


Who doesn’t want to feel and look like a Norse God? A great style and one of the most loved. 


We can’t say that a clean shaved face is for everyone but taking a clean shave can be relieving and a good chance to start your beard from scratch again. 

Short and Simple With A Mustache

Chris Hemsworth seems to keep most of his beards within the same style range, but this cut is smooth and is very sleek.

It’s a beard both for the party and for that next job interview. 

To Summarize

We all love Chris Hemsworth and his stylish beards. Why not go and give it a try?

But don’t forget to give your beard plenty of care and a delicate touch so you can get that fresh and funky style you are looking for.

Make sure to invest in some handy trimmers, a decent moisturizer, and a nice comb - there are so many options for facial hair products now, and you can get whatever is best for you so you can achieve your beard, Hemsworth style. 

I’m Jonathan Harris, the guy behind Beard Whiz. What started out as an interest has turned into a full-on passion for gutsy beard enthusiasts. I'm excited to share more rad tips on how to grow and maintain your beard. Life is more than awesome with a beard!

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