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How To Get A Conor McGregor Beard Style

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You may be looking for some inspiration, or wanting to change up your look a bit. Many celebrities can give you some ideas for new hair styles, clothes choices, and even beard styles.

But, actors like Brad Pitt, and Johnny Depp can be a little too perfectly primed for some people. If you are searching for a look that is a little rough around the edges, then we have the best option for you.

Why not try a Conor McGregor Beard Style?

Who Is Conor McGregor?

Conor McGregor is an Irish former Ultimate Fighting Championship featherweight and lightweight champion. Conor McGregor is also a professional mixed martial artist and boxer, and one of the most famous fighters in the history of UFC.

Although he dons pristine full suits and expensive fur coats, Conor McGregor has not always been a raging success.

The fighter grew up in the poorer area of Crumlin in Dublin, Ireland, where he attended a local boxing club to learn how to defend himself from bullies.

As McGregor grew older, he started a plumbing apprenticeship, and moved to Lucan, Dublin, where he became associated with UFC fighter Tom Egan, and they began training in MMA together. The rest is history.  

Conor McGregor joined the Ultimate Fighting Championship in 2013, and has continued to flourish and succeed since winning his first title.

Later on, in 2015, Conor McGregor succeeded in winning the UFC Champion title for the featherweight division, with the lightweight title not long after.

McGregor is well known for his incredible fighting abilities, knockout power and notorious trash talk, whilst also having an infamous confident and controversial personality.

In addition, he is praised for his look, being covered in tattoos, with slicked back hair and beard game almost as strong as he is.

What Is A Conor McGregor Beard Style?

If you are a fan of Conor McGregor’s fighting style in the ring, then you may also want to try out his signature beard look.

Conor McGregor sports a full, even beard for a very masculine, stylish beard look.

For the Conor McGregor beard style, you will need a thick, full beard with little to no patchiness.

How to Get A Conor McGregor Beard Style

If you want to get a beard just like Conor McGregor, then there are a few things that you will need to do.

That does not just go for growing the beard. You will have to make a few lifestyle changes if you want a beard just like this champion.

For instance, McGregor eats a very strict diet, takes supplements, and trains routinely and often. These activities all increase the production of testosterone, and so will make your beard grow much quicker, fuller, and longer.

So, if you want to imitate the iconic style of the Notorious MMA fighter, Conor McGregor, then you will have to change not just your facial hair, but your lifestyle too.

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This means that the first step to your Conor McGregor style beard is to change your diet. You will need to eat a good dose of protein, and lots of healthy carbohydrates to keep up with the MMA champion himself.

This will not only help you trim down, but it will also improve the chances of your beard growing quickly, as the beard growth hormone, DHT will increase its production with a good, healthy diet.

You will also want to ensure that you eat a lot of healthy fish, chicken breast, veggies and greens as these are packed with vitamins and nutrients that will stimulate and increase follicle growth. This means better hair!

For the best chance of a Conor McGregor style beard, you will also want to intake a lot of vitamins and minerals. This can be done with vitamin supplements to ensure that you have all of the best nutrients that will improve your beard’s strength, fullness and health.

The best vitamins for beard growth are Vitamin D and Biotin. You may also want to ensure that you get a lot of sunlight, and time outdoors to give your beard the best chance of growing!

In addition to taking supplements and improving your diet, you will also need to hit the gym much more regularly to keep up with Conor McGregor’s beard style. This means exercising much more frequently, and ensuring a good sleeping pattern for the best chance of a thick, healthy beard and hair production.

If you work on all of the above practices, you can have a thick, full, long beard in no time at all. Once you have grown out your beard, it is time to trim it into the Conor McGregor shape, and keep it maintained.

How To Groom A Conor McGregor Beard Style

With a long, full beard, all you need to do is keep it trimmed, in shape and maintained for it to look just like Conor McGregor’s.

The best way to get a Conor McGregor style beard is to keep it trimmed. You will want to remove any loose or overgrown hairs for that perfectly trimmed look.

Keep on top of the desired beard shape with scissors specifically designed for trimming beards such as: BEARDCLASS Beard Mustache Scissors Kit

You will also want to ensure that your beard is properly moisturized, shiny and soft at all times to keep it maintained. This can be done with regular use of a beard oil, which will not only keep the beard in shape, but will also nourish the beard hair, and accelerate its growth.

This is very important for a Conor McGregor style beard as you will need a thick, full beard to imitate his look.


If you want to get the perfect Conor McGregor beard style, then there are a few things that you can do. You will need to change up your lifestyle, increase your trips to the gym, working out, and eating a healthy balanced diet.

In addition, you will want to ensure that you get enough vitamins and minerals to promote healthy hair growth to grow out your beard.

Once you have done this, you can trim it into Conor McGregor’s iconic beard style, and keep it nourished and trimmed just like the champion himself.

I’m Jonathan Harris, the guy behind Beard Whiz. What started out as an interest has turned into a full-on passion for gutsy beard enthusiasts. I'm excited to share more rad tips on how to grow and maintain your beard. Life is more than awesome with a beard!

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