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Does Shaving Make Your Beard Thicker?

Does Shaving Make Your Beard Thicker

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You’ve most likely always heard the phrase ‘shaving makes your hair grow back thicker’. Many people just believe this statement is true without doing any research, and end up repeatedly shaving off their impressive beard in the hopes of a thicker look. 

Growing a beard is natural, but it takes time for your body to grow enough hair for that luscious look that you’re so desperately looking for. Some would argue that shaving all your hair off it quite the opposite of the result that you’re going for. So, does shaving make your beard thicker? We’re about to find out… 

So, What’s The Answer?

You might’ve guessed, shaving does not make your beard thicker – or at least there is no evidence to support this. Now, you may be thinking that you’re sure your hair looks thicker every time you shave it off, and this isn’t your eyes playing tricks on you. 

Once you shave and the hair begins growing back out, the roots of the hair are colored darker than what your old, longer beard used to look like. Moreover, the ends of your beard hair are blunt because you shaved them off, meaning they’ll look thicker. 

When you see your stubble growing back out, you may be excited to see what looks like thicker hair shooting out of your face. However, this is all an illusion and the hair will return to its original look as it gets longer and longer.

Another thing you may be interested to know is that shaving does not make your hair grow back any faster, either. If you allow it to grow back naturally, you’ll be waiting for the same amount of time for it to regrow as it took to originally grow to the same length. 

Does Shaving Make Your Beard Thicker?

In fact, shaving off your beard that took weeks or months to grow is not achieving much more than simply throwing all of your hard work out of the window. So, now we’ve established that shaving is very counterproductive and you’ve hopefully put the razor down, let’s have a look at some effective ways to stimulate your beard growth. 

Beards Are Tricky…

Unfortunately, we have to face the fact that growing a beard is not as easy as it’s made out to be. They can be slow-growing, unruly, and itchy. Then, of course, you have to get through that awkward stage where the hair is longer than stubble, but shorter than a respectable beard. 

Then you’ll get the disapproving looks from your friends and family when they realize what you’re trying to achieve, and who could forget about the dreaded patches where hair simply refuses to grow in? 

Most men have to wait around one month before they have a full beard to work with. This doesn’t mean that you’ll have reached your desired length, it just means that you’ll have a starting point to work off of. Once you’ve achieved this, it’s time to determine whether you’re going to delve into the world of grooming or leave it to do its own thing. 

Now that you’ve grown a beard, you need to work on maintaining it. You should keep it healthy and happy to get the best-looking beard around. Below we’ll be discussing useful tips that will help you grow your beard thicker and fuller without the use of a razor blade.

Useful Tips and Tricks

1. Let it grow

We know that we’ve repeated this a few times in our article, but it is very important to let your hair grow! Throw away the razors, store the clippers away – you don’t need them. Your beard needs time to grow, and it will get thicker eventually. Shaving your beard will not only remove the length that you’ve achieved, but it could also revert your progress back to zero. 

If you’ve managed to grow your beard out enough so that you don’t have any bald spots, shaving could easily ruin this and cause you to have to suffer through the patchy stubble all over again. If you want a thicker beard, allowing it to grow is definitely the best way to go about it.

2. Look after your hair

Luscious looking beards need to be healthy and happy to look as good as they can, meaning you cannot leave it alone completely. You should wash your beard regularly, comb it, and keep it untangled. A tangled beard may bunch the hair in different places making your beard look thinner and patchier. 

We’d suggest investing in a beard oil. Most of them are rather inexpensive and they all have different benefits to choose from. This will give your beard a shine and glow to it, which will give it more of an impressive look. In many cases, a well looked after beard looks better than a fuller, untamed beard. 

3. Don’t forget about what’s underneath

Although the aim is for your beard to cover the majority of the skin underneath it, you still need to look after your face in order to reap the benefits of a faster-growing, fuller beard. A good skincare routine will make all the difference when it comes to the thickness of your beard. 

This is because the hair grows from your skin, and you need to look after your beard’s roots. You should be washing your entire face both in the morning and night, moisturizing at least once a day, and exfoliating a couple of times a week. 

Not only will your beard thank you by growing thicker, but you’ll also see the rewards from good personal hygiene. There are lots of different skincare sets for men, with the Jack Black Skin Saviors Set being an ideal choice for most men. Brands such as Bulldog and Thrive are also beneficial and offer complete sets for your skincare needs. 

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does shaving make your beard thicker

4. Care for your wellbeing

While you’re asleep, your cells spend the time repairing themselves which means that your hair grows the most during this time. If you don’t sleep for long enough, you’re preventing your beard from growing at its full potential because you’re disrupting your cell turnover time. You should attempt to get from seven to eight hours of sleep per night.  

Moreover, your blood struggles to travel around your body easily when you’re sleep-deprived. Your blood carries around all the nutrients that you need, so if it’s not flowing around the body correctly, your hair follicles won’t be able to receive all the nutrients that they need to keep the hair growing efficiently. 

Said nutrients can only enter the bloodstream if you’re eating healthily, so take your diet into consideration. Moreover, exercising will help your beard grow thanks to the extra testosterone that you gain from high-intensity workouts. 

5. Consider a helping hand

If you’ve tried all of the above options and nothing seems to be working, you can always consider purchasing a beard growth supplement or vitamin bottle. There are many different products on the market that claim to help you in your thick beard journey, so why not? 

Of course, we’d advise you to check with a doctor before taking any supplements that you purchase over the counter. Below we’ll look at the top three best products for a thicker beard. 

Some of Our Top Pick Products


Beard Grow XL, Vegan Beard Grower Facial Hair Supplement for Men, Add to Your Beard Growth Kit, 1 Men’s Hair Growth Vitamins, For a Faster, Thicker and Fuller Beard, Enhance Your Beard Grooming Kit

Beard Grow XL is the number one vitamin for beard growth, and many happy customers have stated that it’s made their beards thicker and faster-growing. It’s vegan-friendly and free of any unnatural ingredients. 

You get a month’s supply in one bottle of Beard Grow XL, which is proudly made in the USA.

Many users have stated that their beard grew in much denser than before within only one month of using this vitamin. Over 3,000 people can’t all be wrong, can they?


Wild Willies Beard Growth Serum - Natural Beard Care with Biotin & Caffeine for Healthier, Thicker & Fuller-Looking Mustache - Daily Grooming Routine Nourishes & Hydrates Mens Facial Hair

A more affordable option is the Beard Boost Serum from Wild Willies. It includes biotin and caffeine to promote stronger hair growing in faster, and you can easily use it every day for the optimal results.

The brand also offers a number of other beard products such as beard conditioner and beard butter to pair this serum with. 

Many people have found that this inexpensive, hormone-free serum works well at helping their beards grow more impressively for the longer they use it. 


Lumberman™ Premier Beard Growth & Hair Growth Vitamin Formula - Beard Growth Kit - Biotin 10000mcg - MCT Oil - Hair Vitamins, Vitamin D3, B5 - for All Hair Types - Beard Thicker Fuller Hair

Another vitamin, Lumberman by Feelz Good is a more affordable option for people on a budget. It works in a similar way to Beard Grow XL, and can be used by any man wanting a thicker beard. 

Not only will it positively impact your beard, but your nails, scalp, and skin will all reap the rewards as well.

The brand claims that this vitamin is packed with twice the amount of ingredients as similar products on the market, so you’re getting twice the benefits. 

Final Say

Overall, we can safely say that shaving does not make your beard thicker. Instead, looking after your skin and wellbeing will help you on your journey to an enviable beard, as well as some high-quality helpful products that can be found on the market. 

We’d suggest trying the Beard Grow XL vitamins to aid you in your beard journey due to the high ratings and amount of happy customers. Whatever you choose to do to help the growth, please just put the razor down!

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