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Black Men Beard Care: What You Should Know

black men beard care

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When attempting to grow a beard, black men tend to be faced with a number of challenges. Based on ethnicity, managing facial hair can prove to be quite troublesome for some. One of the challenges is not knowing how your facial hair might turn out once exposed to certain products, at least not at first. We’ll cover some essential facial hair tips from readers who have perfected their black men beard care.

Black Men Beard Care 101

Before starting to cultivate a beard style of your own, it is good to start out by letting your facial hair grow for about 4 to 6 weeks. Doing so allows you to see the progression of your beard. It also isolates extra-thick or patchy areas that could adversely impact your desired beard style. Nonetheless, you should target starting off your beard on the right foot by washing, conditioning, and grooming it properly. The same applies to the skin beneath your stubble. Along the way, it is paramount to use only high-quality beard care products for black men.

Pre-Wash: Selecting a Soap to Use

Since black hair warrants extra moisture in order to stop it from turning brittle and dry, grooming products are recommended for black men. Beards (and the skin under it) should be nourished with sufficient hydration. Ingrown hairs can come about when curly hair gets trapped beneath the skin.

Sadly, a majority of retail store shampoos and soaps dehydrate your skin. Worse, they purge necessary oils from facial hair, too. We discourage people from using synthetic shampoos and regular soaps altogether. Rather, you should be using a soap that is all-natural, with the oils in the soap benefitting your beard. Quality beard soaps leave your facial hair clean and slick.  These beard washes are especially recommended for black men.

The go-to beard soap here is Mr. Natty’s Forest Face Beard Soap. It is great for people who experience dry hair and skin. Customers of ours have nothing but praise for the way it can be helpful with potential onsets of skin irritations. This one-of-a-kind soap has beard and skin conditioning properties all in one. It contains rosemary, shea butter and natural peppermint oil to exfoliate and restore a slick beard shine. And, it’s free of chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), parabens, petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, artificial colors, and preservatives. Mr. Natty’s soap comes from Great Britain.

When you apply the beard wash, massage the skin under your beard to gently but thoroughly exfoliate and remove any flaky or dry skin intertwined in your beard hairs. You can use a washcloth or your fingertips for this step.

Post-Wash Step 1: Apply Beard Oil

After washing your beard, give it one last rinse using cold water. Doing so will seal your hair’s cuticles before smoothing it. Beard moisturizers with unrefined argan oil and pure jojoba are particularly beneficial. These types of oils are just like the ones your body naturally produces, simplifying the way your skin and face absorb them.

Our customers’ favorite here is Cremo Beard Oil, Unscented. This oil restores natural moisture, promotes healthy beard growth and keeps your beard and face smelling fresh and clean, no matter the length of your beard. In addition, it helps to blunt ingrown hairs and soothes the itch and irritation they cause. For longer beards, it replaces not only lost natural moisture of your facial hair but also nourishes dry, damaged strands and hydrates the skin beneath. It is unscented so it won’t clash with your cologne.

Ensure that any scents added to the oils of your choice are comprised of essential oil combinations that are all-natural. Synthetic fragrances may contain harsh chemicals, drying out and irritating your skin as a result. Conversely, essential oils benefit your facial hair and skin. We suggest applying oils after your beard is washed and when it is almost dry.


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Best Black Men Beard Care


Post-Wash Step 2: Apply Beard Balm

As a next step, it is highly recommended to use an all-natural beard balm. Black men’s beards look moist and thick in particular once a quality balm has been applied. The best beard balms contain the very same moisturizers as beard oils, as well as wax-based substances such as beeswax and shea butter. A good balm functions as extra insurance as it traps the moisture in your beard.

A beard balm suitable for black men beard care is Scotch Porter’s All Natural Men’s Beard Balm. It contains Marshmallow Root, Slippery Elm Bark, and Kukui Nut. This powerhouse will keep your beard shiny, and frizz-free every day. It’s made to tame your beard. Preferably, after you have washed and conditioned your beard, start with a dime to quarter-sized amount of balm and gently work through your beard. Once all hairs have been covered, continue working through your scruff with a brush or comb.

Using a balm will help to retain moisture and preserve the hydration of your skin and hair. The outcome: a beard that looks shinier, smoother and thicker.

Your Checklist for Black Men Beard Care

If your goal is to grow and maintain your facial hair in healthy ways, here’s a list of the key items to get you started:

1. Beard Soap – hot processed and all-natural soaps won’t take natural oils out of your hair and skin.

2. Beard Oil – beard oils containing pure argan oil and/or jojoba are suggested. Don’t use products containing any synthetic fragrances, though. Only use the ones containing essential oils.

3. Beard Brush – a boar’s beard brush is ideal for even distribution of oils and balms into your beard. This is attributed to natural scales that encompass the bristles of boar’s hair.

4. Beard Balm – sealants like beeswax and shea butter (unbleached) should be found in the beard balm you choose. It should also contain pure jojoba and unrefined argan oil, among other moisturizers.

5. Mustache Comb – as unnecessary as it sounds, a quality mustache comb has a big role in your beard’s appearance. Mustache combs contain fine teeth, much finer than standard beard combs. This gives you styling precision.

6. Beard Comb – look for a beard comb with smooth-edged teeth. Generic combs have sharp-edged teeth, which can snap facial hair or break it.


When it comes to black men’s beards, they have their own grooming needs. The suggestions in this article can help you grow and maintain your facial hair healthily. When it comes to black men beard care the most important advice of all is this: find a product that won’t strip your skin or hairs of their powerful natural oils.

For any grooming products such as beard wash, oils, or balms it is critical that you’ll only use the ones with all-natural ingredients to not cause any potential skin issues. Add lots of moisture on and around your facial hairs so you are growing and maintaining a full-bodied black man’s beard. You’ll be rewarded as the results of your extra care grooming efforts are definitely worth the trouble. Go grow that healthy, trendy, and all-around epic beard of yours!


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