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Best Beard Dye For Sensitive Skin: Top 6 Products

beard dye for sensitive skin

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Not everyone likes it when that first wisp of grey appears on their beards. While some men think it makes them look more dignified, a good number would prefer to keep their youthful hair for much longer. If you’re not ready to carry the weight of the ‘old man’s beard’ yet, a beard dye for sensitive skin could come in handy for you.

What To Look For Prior To Choosing A Beard Dye

Before selecting a beard dye, you should be aware that your hair and beard have slightly different color shades. You may be considering using a dye with a similar or darker tone than your beard’s natural color. However, hair stylists say you’re better off applying a lighter shade. If the hue looks too light the first time, you can always try out another one that’s just a tad darker.

If you are just getting started, it is better to use a less permanent dye. This is because it may take weeks or months to change the color or tincture if you opt for using a permanent dye. It is also important to find out if a product contains ingredients or materials that may have undesirable effects on your skin if applied excessively (ammonia, for example). It is advisable to use dyes with more organic and less chemical content.

Finding A Beard Dye for Sensitive Skin That Works

Based on our recent in-depth research and product comparisons, here is a roundup of six of the best beard dye for sensitive skin for you to consider:

1. RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye (Natural Brown)

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RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye is a multipurpose hair color you can apply not only to your beard but also your eyebrows or eyelashes. It is designed to bring the buzz back to your brunette beard. Although this product is considerably less irritating to the skin than other beard dyes, you’ll do well to carry out an allergy or patch test before trying it out the first time. Do this also if you haven’t applied a dye for some time.

The natural brown option is a strong and versatile opaque brown that creates the most natural brunette look for your facial hair. RefectoCil does not come with a developer in its pack, so you will have to buy one separately. On the up-side, it is smudge- and waterproof – and, a one-time application should give your facial hair a new lease of life for about six weeks.


  • Lasts for several weeks
  • Causes minimal irritation in comparison to other alternatives


  • Does not come with a developer

2. Medium Brown Pure Henna Hair & Beard Color by The Henna Guys

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The Pure Henna Hair & Beard Color is primarily made from therapeutic henna herbs and is a favorite for people who love a plant-based beard dye for sensitive skin. It is produced from 100% pure, all-natural and cruelty-free ingredients. And, contains Amla, Indigo and Neem powder as well as False Daisy.

This beard color product is free from chemicals and metallic salts that may be harmful to your skin and hair. However, it isn’t suitable for dark hair. It’s better used for covering grey hair or a light to a medium brown beard. It is definitely an excellent alternative to chemical facial hair dyes.


  • Contains organic ingredients, excellent natural alternative to chemical hair dyes
  • Does not use chemicals that might cause skin irritation


  • A bit more challenging to apply in comparison with a number of other dyes

3. Godefroy Color Tint Kit Medium, Brown

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Godefroy’s Color Tint Kit serves your beard whether it needs a touch-up or full coverage. It blends well with your beards’ natural color and can be applied to any bit of facial hair from temples to goatees. This product is a permanent dye and lasts for as long as six weeks.

This beard dye product is a complete kit. Everything you’ll need to get started is included. The cream formula won’t drip and has been designed for easy application. Godefr0y’s Color Tint is ammonia-free and contains all-natural ingredients that typically won’t cause skin irritation or damage to facial hair.

This beard dye for sensitive skin is odorless and contains a total of twenty application rounds (a bargain in most people’s books). In addition, it can be applied to several other areas including mustaches, sideburns, temples, anywhere you need a little color, with the exception of your eyelashes (do not apply to eyelashes). And, you can apply it with one easy to use mixing cup plus a great re-usable applicator brush.


  • Does not contain ammonia or other skin irritants
  • Contains 20 rounds of application per packet


  • The mixture may not be thick enough for the user

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best beard dye for sensitive skin


4. Blackbeard for Men

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Although it’s more of a cosmetic than a beard dye, Blackbeard for Men has become popular among beard-dyeing men. One reason for this is that it is free from harsh chemicals that may cause odors, irritation, itches, and rashes on the skin. This highly effective, instant brush-on beard dye for sensitive skin takes mere seconds to put on and is hypoallergenic.

Blackbeard for Men is a top choice particularly for men with groomed facial hair who may simply be looking to fill “grey areas” on their beard. It is easy to apply, water-resistant and gives an attractive, all-natural appearance. But you will have to apply it daily if you want to sustain that cool look; the dye lasts for just twelve hours and wears off relatively quickly.


  • Does not contain toxic chemicals such as ammonia
  • Can be used for partial coverage or full beard dyeing


  • Needs daily application since it wears off quite quickly

5. Just For Men Mustache and Beard

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Just For Men is an ammonia-free beard and mustache dye. It works well on greying beards and transforms a rough beard-scape to a groomed and fuller look. Unlike other dyes, it restores your natural beard color to a thicker and fuller appearance. It comes in a variety of different shades ranging from blond to jet black. When in doubt or unsure of which color to choose, always go with the lighter shade.

Additionally, Just For Men Beard Color comes with a number of nourishing, highly beneficial ingredients like protein, aloe, vitamin E and chamomile blended into its formula.


  • Easy to apply
  • Contains a variety of nourishing ingredients


  • May still need to conduct a patch test prior to application

6. Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye

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The Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye is a permanent coloring option and it’s 100% organic and chemical-free. This beard dye contains all-natural ingredients derived from fine herbal powders rendered from fresh Emblic, False Daisy, Neem Tree, Henna and Indigo. Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye doesn’t contain irritation-causing harsh chemicals and does not stain the skin close to the beard.

A key advantage this product has over less natural alternatives is that it lets the user determine the nuance and depth of the tincture in various parts of the beard. It is ideal for men who want to retain the varying shades of color in their natural facial hair while still reaping the full benefits from their dye.


  • Users are unlikely to experience skin irritation
  • Is made from all-natural, chemical-free ingredients


  • Has an unrefined smell that may be unpleasant to some users

Wrap Up

If you are proud of your beard, you will want to keep it in the right shape and condition for as long as you can. A beard dye for sensitive skin can be a great addition to take care of any beard color issues you might experience or wish to explore. The options reviewed here should make your beard look nice again. Lastly, always remember to be safe with any particular or anticipated skin and health condition. Always double-check and visit with your licensed medical or health care professional to address any concerns prior to using any beard dye products mentioned in this article or elsewhere.


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