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Beard Growth For Black Men

beard growth for black men

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Right now we’re seeing a lot of world-famous black icons with beards. 

From rappers to movie stars to professional sports players, many high-profile black men are rocking the facially-hirsute look. Whether it’s Idris Elba, Morgan Freeman, Drake or Will Smith, black rising stars have brought the beard back into the limelight.

As a black man, don’t you want to emanate the success and sophistication of these black superstars? Of course you do!

Well, for those of you looking to hit the clubs, the pitch or the gym with a full and sculpted twelve o-clock shadow, you’ve come to the right place.

Black Men And Their Beards - What You Need To Know

Below are a few tips and tricks that you can use to get that beard growth, thickness and shape you’re looking for.

Okay, first off we’re going to look at skincare and how it’s vital if you’re going to get that impressive chin stamp.

The Skin Within

They say that beauty is not skin deep - but health for your beard certainly is!

The hair on your face borrows moisture from your skin, which can sometimes lead to some pretty nasty, flaky white dandruff in that otherwise slick-looking beard.

Generally, black men should avoid using skin products and beard oils that contain dyes, lanolin and artificial fragrances. This can congest the pores of your skin and cause irritation and dryness.

Regular unscented soap should also be avoided as it too removes the moisture and natural oils from the skin, causing it to crack and irritate.

Ideally, if you have a short beard, you should use an exfoliating face cream containing fruit or salicylic acid. These oils reduce ingrown hairs and clogging of the pores.

Also, regardless of your race, you should be applying moisturizer as well as suntan lotion to prevent skin aging and cancers.

In short, imbuing your skin with natural oils is like fertilizing the soil - it gives your hair a better chance of growing as healthy as possible.

Shaving And Trimming

Trimming your beard can go some way to avoiding split ends and managing the shape of your beard.

But the chances are that if you wait for the barber, your beard will start looking pretty unsightly. We recommend investing in a decent beard trimmer and some steel-tipped scissors for trimming the mustache and beard ends.

Maintaining your beard will also save you money at the barbers!

If you have a few week’s worth of scruff on your face already, you’ll probably be already thinking about where you want the hairline.

Hairlines that creep over the cheekbones can cause them to lose definition, and a beard that ventures below the neckline can just look scruffy and unintentional.

If you start shaving a faint hairline into the beard early on, you’re sending a sign to friends and strangers alike - this beard is not a lazy accident, it’s an intention and a style.

A Good Beard Brush

A decent beard brush can help revitalize your beard, as well as maintaining a good shape and keeping it healthy.

The skin underneath produces oils that help nourish the hair. Brushing it spreads that oil throughout the hair, as well as removing dead skin, dandruff and grimy stuff that makes your chin stamp look untidy.

A beard brush will keep your beard soft and conditioned throughout the day.

You must use a brush with all-natural bristles. Again, this is so they won’t irritate the skin or serrate the hair follicles.

Follow these simple steps to achieve a healthy, well-shaped beard with your brush:

  • Apply oil to your brush before brushing. This will keep the beard hairs soft from base to tip, it will also make brushing remarkably smoother.
  • Brush evenly downward, starting at the middle of the cheekbones and going right the way through the hair. Don’t brush too passionately, as this will also damage the newer hairs.
  • We’ve all heard the phrase ‘going against the grain’, well you want to do the opposite of this when you brush your beard. Follow the natural direction that the hairs grow on your face.
  • Make sure that the beard oil is evenly coated - you want to avoid ugly clumps!
  • Clean your brush thoroughly after use by tapping the wooden base or running your fingers through the bristles to shake out all the dead skin cells, stray hairs, dandruff and many other unwanted guests! You might also want to rinse off the excess beard oil with warm water.

Black dude’s beards are naturally slightly coarser, so you’ll want to invest in something a little more durable than a cheap plastic brush. Plus, a wooden-backed brush looks a hell of a lot cooler!

Here’s a link to an ideal beard brush that comes highly rated by beard aficionados:

Brushing your beard will not improve growth directly, but pulling those hairs straight gives them more freedom of movement and stimulates hair growth. It also prevents ingrown hairs, which will aggravate the skin underneath.

Also, coating your beard with oil will give it that glossy, voluminous look that will ensure that people don't think you've just been lazy with your overall facial cleanliness.

Beard Oils

As mentioned above, beard oils are essential in nourishing your facial crop. They contain vitamins and minerals that feed hair follicles.

Beard oil also softens the skin underneath the hair, which can often dry out after using anti-dandruff shampoo or unscented soap.

Beard Balms

You’ve heard of styling clay for your hair? Well, beard balms are just the same… but for your face!

Beard balm should be applied to the top of the face and slicked downwards through the hairs. Whether it’s a twist at the end of the ‘tache or that teardrop beard, beard balm will help you hold it all in place.

Remember: always apply beard balm after showering and beard oil, as these are essential for a healthy beard foundation.


Vitamin supplements promote hefty and healthy hair growth. Alongside a balanced diet, supplements can boost that beard with natural minerals.

Supplements such as the Beard Grow XL below contain avocado, cedarwood and peppermint oils, along with essential vitamins C and D. All these will guarantee any man, black, white or Asian, a soft, smooth and thick beard!

Here is our link for Beard Growth XL, the most popular beard growth supplement on the market. Try it and see if you notice the difference!

Other Things For A Healthy Beard

A Good Diet

Getting a balanced and healthy diet of proteins, irons, vitamins and potassium contributes significantly to decent facial hair.

A bad diet has been proven to result in brittle, dry facial hair and a lot of split ends! If your body is the soil for good hair, make sure you give it the best fertilizer you can, avoiding highly-processed ingredients!


Scientists have proven that a high level of stress in your daily life can result in decreased testosterone levels - which is something hair thrives on!

Taking time out of your day to meditate or relax, even if it’s only for ten minutes, will improve your hair growth. Try it for a few weeks and see if you get that fuller beard you were looking for!

Get In The Gym!

If testosterone is the lifeblood of hair, how can we increase it? Simple: exercise!

If you get your heart pumping a few times a week, you get that testosterone flowing and you can pretty much guarantee yourself that distinguished Idris Elba look in a matter of weeks!

Beard Lumps

All men can experience unsightly and painful beard bumps after shaving. But what are these?

Well, after a fresh wet shave, the new hair can struggle to breach the surface of the skin. It can even push back into the skin, creating those the ingrown hairs we all know and tolerate. As a result, the body goes into defense mode, inflaming the pore, leading to painful facial rashes.

Beard bumps are one of the primary causes of men not wanting to shave. So, here are a few tips to minimize the risk of getting them in the future:

  • Cold water - applying some cold water to your chin and cheeks shrinks the pores and makes them less sensitive.
  • Moisturizer - apply natural skin creams to your face regularly. Dry skin is terrible for beard growth, and a higher percentage of black men suffer with itchy, dry skin.
  • Use aftershave - after a hot shave, a man’s pores are left open and exposed, allowing dirt and bacteria in, which can also trigger the body’s defense response. Try and find an alcohol-free aftershave, as this will not irritate the skin.
  • Topical creams - these creams will also help to plug the holes in exposed pores left after shaving. Cortisone creams will help reduce swelling and stop you from itching your face - which can result in a painful rash and even bleeding!

I’m Jonathan Harris, the guy behind Beard Whiz. What started out as an interest has turned into a full-on passion for gutsy beard enthusiasts. I'm excited to share more rad tips on how to grow and maintain your beard. Life is more than awesome with a beard!

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