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Beard Brush vs Comb: Which One To Use

beard brush vs comb

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Beard Brush. Beard Comb. More or less the same thing, different words, right? Nope. When it comes to a beard brush vs comb, there are several differences and, it is necessary to know what each tool does before choosing which one to use. However, it is important to point out that most beard care experts say both, the beard brush and the comb, can and probably should be used in your daily grooming routine. Nonetheless, it still stands that beard brushes and combs are both fundamental and quite distinctive tools for your beard care and ongoing maintenance.

Why A Beard Comb?

Beard combs have to be a part of your grooming gear, no matter what. Why? Combing your beard hair regularly results in a number of benefits. To mention just four: to keep your facial hair clean, to detangle and help your beard grow in the desired direction as well as to prevent ingrown hairs.

We have a couple of ideas about which type of comb you should pick. Why the fuss on choosing a particular beard comb? Well, they typically function in a variety of areas, such as training your beard hair to stay styled in a certain direction of your choosing. And, getting a beard comb has the same implication as getting a beard brush because you definitely shouldn’t cheap out. It sounds like a no brainer but picking the nearest $3 plastic comb from the shelf in your neighborhood store is definitely not advisable. You should rather consider getting a great quality, hand-carved, wooden or bone beard comb.

A cheap comb is highly likely to do three things:

  • Tear at the follicles of your hair
  • Cause split ends
  • Cause your beard to be prone to stiffness

So, regardless of how a sub-par beard comb might be able to assist you in styling your beard, the general grooming experience and efficacy will still be poor or mediocre at best.

Top Beard Combs To Use

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To help you out, next are four of our preferred, top-quality, wooden or bone, hand-carved beard combs for you to consider:

1. ZEUS Organic Sandalwood Double-Sided Beard Comb — good for travel

The ZEUS Organic Sandalwood Double-Sided Beard Comb comes in a genuine leather sheath for easy carrying and protection. This comb is hand-carved out of 100% organic natural sandalwood with both medium and fine rounded teeth with a comb length of 3.875″ and a teeth length of 0.75″. The organic sandalwood emits a subtle yet invigorating scent. 

2. Badass Beard Care Wood Beard Comb for Men — perfect pocket size

The Badass Beard Care Wood Beard Comb for Men has very fine teeth and is anti-static. This comb is perfectly pocket-sized and made from one solid piece of walnut hardwood. The unique design of this comb creates a very strong and durable frame. In addition, the teeth have been hand sanded to ensure effortless and snag-free combing.

3. Hunter Jack Beard Comb Kit for Men — preferred barber comb

The Hunter Jack Beard Comb Kit for Men with handmade premium sandalwood and fine dual action teeth. This anti-static beard comb comes with a PU leather gift case. Each wooden beard comb is crafted with care and leaves your facial hair feeling smooth and smelling great. The ‘thick+fine tooth finish’ can get through any hair or beard thickness. This prevents snags and tangles in your beard. This comb comes with a lifetime warranty.

4. Norse Tradesman Authentic Bone Drakkar Comb — one-of-a-kind, masterfully crafted

The Norse Tradesman Authentic Bone Drakkar Comb is handcrafted from a single piece of genuine ox bone. This comb is one-of-a-kind and no two are alike. It measures 3 x 2.5 x 0.25 inches. The combs are masterfully and beautifully carved into the likeness of a Viking longship by the hands of master carvers. The hand-carving process alone takes nearly a full day to complete. It is a narrow tooth comb and the natural bone surface produces no static effect as well as interacts well with beard oils, waxes, and pomades. Each portable bone comb comes packed inside of an authentic medieval burlap sack. This unique one-of-kind piece is a true gift you might want to give to yourself.

Finally, after each use remember to clean your beard comb thoroughly as this is crucial for keeping your beard healthy and free of issues.

Why A Beard Brush?

When researching ‘beard brush vs comb’, we attempted to be as thorough as possible. The main benefits of brushing your facial hairs with a quality beard brush are:

  • Reducing dryness and itching
  • Spreading natural hair oils effectively
  • Increasing shine and moisture
  • Lowering frizz and breakage
  • Adding-in healthy exfoliation
  • Stimulating beard growth

That’s quite an impressive list of positives. We also filtered through a number of criteria when narrowing down the list for our top beard brush selection. We looked at the material of the main body and handles (plastic, bamboo, type of wood), the bristles (synthetic or natural), the stiffness, and lastly, the form of the handle.

Best Quality Beard Brushes

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Obviously, we did not try every single beard brush or comb available in the market. However, with the help of user reviews, personal experience, and general comparison, we curated a list of the four most favorited beard brushes here:

1. ZEUS 100% Boar Bristle Beard and Mustache Brush with Handle — perfect for shorter beards

The ZEUS 100% Boar Bristle Beard and Mustache Brush comes in a soft travel bag. This brush is hand-crafted in Germany with premium boar bristles to easily untangle any of your beard hairs. You can choose between firm bristles for longer beards or soft/medium bristles for shorter beards. It comes with an extended pear wood handle to help you brush with precision. The dimensions are 5.5″L x 0.875″W x 1.125″H and the bristle length is 0.625″.

2. Seven Potions Beard Brush For Men — firm, excellent grip

The Seven Potions Beard Brush For Men is made with 100% first-cut boar bristles in pearwood body. The boar bristles are stiff enough with the proper density to tame the most unruly of beards. This handy brush with its palm-handle allows for excellent grip and outstanding performance. It is made by men for you, bearded gentlemen, with its brand ‘Seven Potions’ following the highest quality and safety standards.

3. Beard Brush by ZilberHaar — great for travel

The Beard Brush by ZilberHaar is crafted with carefully selected pure boar bristles and great for travel. It has a solid and smooth wooden handle for good grip and brushing endurance. The bristles are inserted in high-quality pearwood making this a luxury product any beard lover should possess as part of his beard care kit. This beard grooming tool is a perfect way to show appreciation to a bearded gent’s facial hair.

4. ZEUS Best Hair and Beard Brush for Men with contour beechwood palm handle — curved design

The ZEUS Best Hair and Beard Brush for Men with contour beechwood palm handle is a 2-in-1 brush, specifically designed for both head hair and beards. It is made from highly desirable 100% boar hair bristles with no nylon or plastic. This brush features a curved design that better fits your scalp or face for highly efficient brushing. This brush for sure is a unique and long-lasting brush for your beard gear arsenal.

Honing In on ‘Beard Brush vs Comb’

Both, the beard brush and the beard comb have their rightful place in your beard grooming routine. Ideally, you’ll start using both. However, when deciding between the ‘beard brush vs comb’ tool duo, we suggest to bear a few key points in mind:

  • The beard comb is the better choice as your styling tool. This doesn’t mean beard brushes can’t serve as styling gear for your facial hair. However, beard combs offer a definitive advantage over the use of a brush because of their better hair controllability.
  • The beard brush will be the perfect tool for you if a fuller beard appearance is what you’re aiming for. The variety of bristle lengths of the brush will lift any beard hairs slightly off your skin, while a comb will push those hairs downwards. For training your beard hair strands to maintain a particular direction to stay in, a beard brush will be no doubt the preferred choice in comparison to a comb.

With this, a comb will deliver a good looking style. However, any styling is easier to be done when your beard hair is already set in the desired direction.

Lastly, bearded men are likely to tell you a brush is better suited for the beginning stages of growing a beard. This is so because it is easier to train your beard hair during the early stages of beard growth rather than later or at the point of a fully grown beard or mustache.

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To decide between using a ‘beard brush vs comb’ has honestly just one answer – and that is: use both! A beard comb will work great for styling your mustache or beard. On the other hand, the beard brush will help your beard to a fuller appearance. In addition, using a brush is better for training your beard hairs to stay and grow in the direction you want.

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Beard Brush vs Comb


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