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Beard Balm 101: What You Should Know

Beard Balm

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Of all the items a man should possess not only a good clipper, a shaving razor, but also a good beard balm is quintessential. If you want to have a closer look at what exactly a beard balm is, its various benefits, usage, and the best, most favorited beard balms to go for, then read along. You have arrived at the perfect place to learn and make up your mind.

Beard Balm Basics: An Introduction

A beard balm is a mixture, a blend of either argan or almond oil and butter such as shea or cocoa butter. Additionally, it also contains a protectant such as a beeswax. Another ingredient that is very common in most balms is an essential oil that is added to enhance the scent. For those with more sensitive skin, good alternatives for unscented products are also readily available. However, like with any other product, the quality of a balm can vary quite intensely, so be sure to go through all the listed ingredients on the label before buying any particular product. Choose the one that contains great quality butter, all-natural oils, and beeswax. Prior to application, the balm typically requires warmth to melt in your hands.

Advantages of Using a Beard Balm

There are multiple reasons why to use a good quality balm for your facial hair. First of all, it works to keep your beard hair moisturized. This is particularly helpful for lessening itching of the beard, preventing the risk of ingrown hairs, and keeping the skin beneath your beard smooth and healthy. In addition, this is particularly crucial as when your skin beneath your facial hair dries out, it can prompt dandruff in your beard. Therefore it is safe to say beardruff is an undesirable and a rather bothersome condition that many men who grow a beard are well aware of and want to avoid like the plague.

Many of the balms utilize oils, such as almond, jojoba, or argan to assist in the conditioning of the beard. As a matter of fact, such a balm can even substitute a conditioner in your daily beard care routine. It helps keep it soft, smooth and clear of ingrown hair. In addition, it assists in making your facial hair appear thicker and more voluminous as it increases friction between any one of those facial hairs of yours.

Mode of Application

After you have washed your beard and it has dried, take a scoop of beard balm in your hands and rub it between your palms until it softens and becomes clear. Then apply it to your beard. The quantity of beard balm to be used depends on the thickness and length of your beard. You can either wash off the extra balm left on your hands or keep on massaging it into your beard, as the ingredients are beneficial for your skin.

The Most Popular and Recommended Balms

Here is a round-up of the top 4 most popular and recommended balms as favorited by bearded men:

  • Viking Revolution Beard Balm
    This well-known balm sells in an awesome variety bundle of 4. It’s offered in the fragrances sandalwood, pine and cedar, bay rum, and clary sage. These balms have an incredible aroma and contain argan and jojoba oil to keep your facial hair healthy and smooth.
  • Mountaineer Brand Magic Beard Balm
    This balm brand caters to the needs of all beard lengths and shapes. It consists of all-natural ingredients all-natural ingredients with a dab of pure honey and aloe for an awesome, healthy beard. It’s offered at a budget-friendly price.
  • Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-In Conditioner and Tamer
    In case you are scouring for a product that flaunts only organic ingredients, then the Honest Amish brand is your product of choice. It is devoid of any hyped-up artificial ingredients nor risky chemicals and, is made with golden jojoba and virgin argan oils.
  • Rocky Mountain Barber Company Beard Balm
    This particular balm comes up with an added benefit of tea tree oil that helps prevent skin breakouts looming just underneath your facial hair. It carries a beautiful fragrance blend of eucalyptus mixed with cedarwood, using all-natural ingredients only.

Summing Up

If you aren’t using a balm for your facial hair (yet), it’s definitely something to consider and giving a try. Adding a beard balm to your daily care routine is highly beneficial for a better and more healthier beard, and makes the additional investment worthwhile.

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