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8 Easy Growth Tips for Black Men Beards

black men beards

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So, you have decided to join the revered group of black men with beards, and not just any kind of beard, but a well-groomed and eye-catching one. But it takes a considerable effort to be a member of this group, so, be ready to take this bearded lifestyle seriously. After successfully having helped several men proudly rock black men beards, it’s safe to say that we know what it takes to make it happen. But we must warn you, nothing good comes easy, including a perfectly groomed beard.

These next 8 growth hacks should help you get started on your quest to grow and maintain an alluring and healthy-looking beard. Let’s dive in and learn how to grow an amazing beard as a black man:

1. Look After Your Skin Under Your Beard

It all starts from down below and not vice-versa. One major factor that can affect your beard growth is the condition of the skin underneath. Since it’s hard to spot or reach, most people forget that it’s even there. Your facial hair can lock moisture out and cause dry skin which is one of the main causes dandruff or an itchy beard. So, it’s best to have a special and consistent (daily) skincare routine for your beard. Ensure you do the following for healthier skin:

  • Apply beard oil: do every day religiously, not only once per week
  • Moisturize your beard: ensure that the oil goes deep into your pores to keep things smooth and nourished

This will aid you on your journey to a healthy and fast-growing beard.

2. No Harsh Ingredients For Black Men Beards

Sorry to burst your bubble, but not everything goes if you desire a well-groomed beard. Your body cream, Vaseline lotion, or your girl-/boyfriend’s hair conditioner aren’t any good for your beard. It’s always best to err on the side of caution and opt for only facial and beard products that are made with safe ingredients and have been carefully formulated. Here are the top ingredients you need to avoid when choosing any product for your beard care routine:

  • Sulfates: can dry out beard hair, make it more brittle as they are mainly an industrial degreaser.
  • Mineral Oils: as heavy ingredients, they can reduce your beard’s potential to grow fast and full; they don’t actually moisturize as they just sit on the surface of your skin/ hair and make it only appear healthier.
  • Isopropyl Alcohol: strips away healthy natural oils and moisture from your beard as it is mainly a deep-cleaning agent.
  • Chlorine: can dry out your beard, making it brittle and cause your beard hair to split as it is mainly a dehydration product.
  • Fragrances: if any, prefer strictly organic additives over chemical fragrances; chemically manufactured scents strip off the natural oils of your facial hair as they impact adversely your beard’s natural pH balance.

3. What Goes In Often Determines What Comes Out

You must have heard it several times, “you are what you eat”, so if your food doesn’t offer you all the recommended daily nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, then don’t expect that celebrity style beard you’re craving. A bad diet can translate into a patchy, dry, and brittle beard. If you’re serious about growing a thicker, healthier beard, take stock of the foods you eat on a daily basis and consider leveling up to a diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and quality proteins for men because of what you eat truly matters.

According to Jim White, a registered dietician, and spokesman for The American Dietetic Association as well as being one of the top health professionals in the United States, there is a direct correlation between the condition of your beard hair and the health of your body. Now you know that you can eat your way to that shinier, fuller and smoother beard of yours.

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4. Exercise Is Key For Black Men Beards

It has been scientifically proven that regular exercise can help improve your overall skin condition – this includes triggering both, better hair growth and quality. Key benefits of regular exercise include:

  • Reduced stress:  less stress supports better recovery and more testosterone
  • Boost in testosterone levels:  supports healthy beard growth
  • Increased metabolism: the more active you are, the more facial hair growth gets stimulated

So, burn some calories and sweat more often.

5. Drink Enough Water

Healthy beard growth is directly correlated with how much you replenish your body. Essential minerals, vitamins, and nutrients are getting more easily circulated with proper hydration. Enough said, drink more and stay properly hydrated today!

6. Massage Your Face

Tenderly rubbing and massaging the skin beneath and around your facial hair can do wonders for your beard’s growth. A good old face massage increases blood circulation and boosts the oxygen flow to your hair follicles which stimulates fuller and healthier hair growth. Give yourself a few minutes and circle with the tips of your fingers along your cheeks, jaw, and forehead applying only light pressure. End strongly in swiping upwards along the lines of your jaw.

7. Brush Your Beard To Stimulate Blood Flow

Brushing your beard can help stimulate your hair follicles and spur beard growth. It is important though to use a good quality beard brush – preferably one with boar’s bristles, as it can make a huge difference. A brush helps to exfoliate and remove any dead skin beneath your beard hairs. It also assists in distributing the natural oils of your facial hair more evenly. Finally, brushing can smooth out wired hairs and redirect any resistant beard hairs into the direction you’re looking to accomplish for your beard style.

8. Patience Pays Off

Rome wasn’t built overnight, neither is your beard. It won’t grow in one night nor in one week. Be patient, keep doing the right things and in a few weeks, you should begin to see very beneficial changes. Also, don’t be upset by the itch (if you have one), just ensure your face is clean and moisturized at all times. In addition, avoid trimming or shaping your beard for the first 6-8 weeks. Rather, allow it to settle into its natural form and pattern.

Wrap Up

With this in mind, most black men will need around 14 to 45 days before they begin to see real changes in their beard – again, patience is a virtue when it comes to growing your beard. Remember, if you want one of those special looking black men beards that everybody will envy, follow those 8 tips above rigorously. You’ll love the results.


I’m Jonathan Harris, the guy behind Beard Whiz. What started out as an interest has turned into a full-on passion for gutsy beard enthusiasts. I'm excited to share more rad tips on how to grow and maintain your beard. Life is more than awesome with a beard!

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