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5 Tips for Having A Full Beard and Increasing Beard Growth

Full Beard

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Have you finally decided to grow a badass, full beard? If your answer is yes, then it is time to separate yourself from young boys and join the league of hard men! A fully-grown, thick-beard is never out of fashion, looks sexy, and makes you look classy. If you’ve had enough of the patches on your facial hair, then it’s time to stop fretting and take action, and the good thing is, we’ve got your back. So sit back, read along, and get ready for some top-notch and result-generating tips for improving your beard growth while you say goodbye to the patchy-beard for good!

So without further ado, let’s begin with those top five tips for you:

1. Time to Maintain Your Beard

Maintaining your beard is the first phase of getting your hands on your dream beard. And yes, this should be a regular practice. A proper beard maintenance routine includes shampooing beard, applying a good moisturizer, a beard balm should help, and remember to brush your beard regularly to get the blood flow going. Also, remember to get yourself a good quality hairbrush to clean the beard. In other words, proper beard maintenance allows you to keep the beard in shape and helps it grow its maximum potential.

2. Use Growth Oil For Your Dreamy, Full Beard

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Beard growth oil can help you achieve that full-grown beard. Make sure you are choosing a beard oil that suits your skin. The right oil can either make or break your beard, and that’s why the result usually relies on the beard product you choose. You can apply your ideal beard growth oil after washing your beard, followed by letting it dry, using oil, and then, brushing it thoroughly. It typically works best when applying the oil daily, check for the best routine based on the product particulars.

You can go for Beard Farmer’s Growther XT Beard Growth Oil, which is made from 100% all-natural carrier oils and comes with a money-back guarantee. Another suitable option could be the GROW Maximum XXL Beard Growth and the Mustache Accelerator. This beard growth oil has a great track record with men and works for all types of skin.


3. Go For Proven Supplements

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The market is full of supplements and vitamins for hair growth. But, make sure you’re choosing a supplement that is free of any potential side-effects. Most of these supplements contain biotin, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, etc., which contribute to hair growth. Since our body must receive the essential minerals and vitamins for hair growth stimulation, using supplements can be super beneficial.

From the vast jungle of possibilities, here are some recommendations to consider:

  • NutraChamps Prime Beard Supplement
    The supplement contains almost 20 different vitamins, which all help with hair growth. But the best thing about this supplement is it comes with a solid money-back guarantee and is 100% vegan.
  • Delta Genesis Beard Grow XL
    Another remarkable supplement is Delta Genesis Beard Growth XL. It contains a unique vegan formula with zero added hormones. The product constitutes a powerful beard support formula. Totally worth it if it generates the result, right?

4. Massaging Your Face Helps

Similar to a scalp massage, circular rubs on your beautiful face are a must because they increase circulation of your blood flow, deliver key nutrients, redistribute hormones, and other essential hair growth building factors directly into the follicles. And, this stimulates your hair follicles in a highly beneficial way and results in increased hair growth. If you are searching for a cost-effective yet result-generating method to boost your hair growth, massaging is the way to go. Make sure that you have been doing it regularly for 1-2 months before expecting the results.

5. Exfoliating Your Skin Is An Option

Built-up dirt in your skin can be another reason for struggling with beard growth and a patchy beard. Over time, men’s hair follicles get blocked by oil and dirt. So exfoliating your skin can be a fool-proof tactic to get yourself a full-beard.

Final Thoughts for Full-Beard Enthusiasts

A patchy-beard has the potential to hit on a man’s self-esteem. While some men like to rock that clean-shaved look, others prefer going macho with full-blown beards. If you, too, are one of those men who prefer keeping a luscious, full beard, then explore and benefit from those tips listed above.

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